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Trends don’t have to be a lifestyle

A Trend is more than a group of popular items that is in great demand.  It is an expression of what is deemed important by consumers at the moment!  Some trends were the forerunners of really fantastic innovations, and we

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Jamaican Jerk Chicken

Hi everyone seeing that it’s the Easter weekend let’s hangout and jerk chicken together. The Arawaks who lived in Jamaica centuries ago were excellent chefs so their meat was always tastefully spiced, moist, and tender so we inherited there fashion

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Meteorological seasons shows us how swiftly time passes Us by, In the blink of an eye the seasons rotate and there we have winter autumn summer and spring all over again.  The wristwatch tells us about the time we have

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Sunday Funday!

I think I need some pennies to throw into the wishing well of life!  With all the hiccups of life that have been coming my way, I recently had an accident that is making me to look at life with

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Hello world!  My name is Shakera, I am Jamaican born, when I was growing up I never knew what I wanted to be, but I knew the woman I wanted to become!  I knew I wanted to be fearless, accomplish,

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I am happy to be alive today with good health and is able to breathe in this fresh atmosphere!  And envelope my mind with fresh thoughts and fresh ideas.  There’s nothing more inviting than mother nature with the beautiful sky

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Hello​ Is The Place Where Lovers Meet

Phones are used today to galavized people together, or to solve problematic situations and link family and friends together.  But who would have thought that hundreds of years after the telephone was invented we would still be answering the telephone

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5 Steps To Teaching Children Manners In A Manner-Less world.

Undesirable and mischievous behaviour seems to be the order of the day!  It’s sad, but in today’s world it is obvious that good manners have been thrown through the window.  People are more self-absorbed and unwilling to consider others, and

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Nervous Thoughts

I get nervous of the world in which we live in so much  violence and crime shooting, and bombings seems to be the norm. I get anxious when my child leaves for school, I get agitated when she doesn’t return

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Steps To Being My Authentic Self

It’s 12.02, a new day is dawning!  And as I sit here at the Pegasus bar alone, I ponder to myself is this what I’ve become?  A loner!  When I was I teenager I thought I knew everything, but life

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