Trends don’t have to be a lifestyle

A Trend is more than a group of popular items that is in great demand.  It is an expression of what is deemed important by consumers at the moment!  Some trends were the forerunners of really fantastic innovations, and we all have our favorites, and the list is endless.

We are all born beautiful but society depicts to us what beauty should look like! So we buy expensive product that sometimes sells us the facade of beauty in a bottle I recently bought some product that did injustice to my skin that was a Lesson  learn.

Today we can turn on most cable channels a see recognizable celebrity endorsing some product that claims to have transform their flaws whether its skin, physical dysfunction, or weight loss. Cause their following is huge and will generate profit.

For many individuals trends has brought about major changes in the way we think about our community, and the world, and ourselves.  The benefits are personal be it positive or negative, most trend have left an impact on our social fabric, trends won’t ever die! But we shouldn’t make trends a lifestyle that we can’t live without just because its on trend.IMG-20170420-WA0000

Thanks for reading and have an awesome day!♥♥


Just a girl who decided to take a chance on herself, to live life to its fullest and be happy, to meet good people who are willing to walk the path of life with me, to share thoughts and ideas! And work accidiouly to complete our Destin tasks.

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9 comments on “Trends don’t have to be a lifestyle
  1. Deborah Salmon says:

    Hate how society wants UA ladies to look


  2. Praise you for this post! 👏so true! I’d rather experience life than try to buy stuff I don’t need


  3. Wow!wise thought. It’s an eye-opener

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  4. I agree …. we are all born beautiful.


  5. Hey, Shakera. I’ve nominated you for the mystery blogger award:


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