Hello world!  My name is Shakera, I am Jamaican born, when I was growing up I never knew what I wanted to be, but I knew the woman I wanted to become!  I knew I wanted to be fearless, accomplish, independent woman who never have to depend on a man’s breast my entire life, It was obvious to me that I wanted to be more accomplish than my mother so I studied her Good work ethics and practice them. I’m perfectly imperfect, I love reading, reading is the gateway by which you learn about people and the way in which they think.

I won’t beg to be apart of a social group but I love to be in the presence of an August body of believers, I am currently exploring different aspects of life learning new culture and the way in which they socialize.  I am fairly new at blogging and I promise to get better at it, this is my story my journey my voice thanks for joining me and have an awesome day!!!;-)IMG-20170331-WA0001


Just a girl who decided to take a chance on herself, to live life to its fullest and be happy, to meet good people who are willing to walk the path of life with me, to share thoughts and ideas! And work accidiouly to complete our Destin tasks.

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