Steps To Being My Authentic Self

It’s 12.02, a new day is dawning!  And as I sit here at the Pegasus bar alone, I ponder to myself is this what I’ve become?  A loner!  When I was I teenager I thought I knew everything, but life as humbled me and teach me to pray.  I love technology but sometimes I hate being this much accessible to anyone, at times I am my most happiest sitting yet lonely with my own thoughts.

Should I be my authentic self?  Or should I start being promiscuous?!  I can’t lie I feel jealous of the lady in black and her lover sitting at the table next to me, and the group of friends behind me,  I guess I better snap out of that thought, mediocre way of living is not for me.  I know I have the strength to deal with whatever life throws at me, I now realize that my asset and liabilities has made me who I am!  All the pain and failure I have been through in life teaches me and makes me better.

Am I this drunk? Am I this bored? Shouldn’t I being having fun at this fancy bar?!  Instead I’m here writing this blog post,  but I know these roadblocks that stands in my path are just temporary, better days are ahead, awaiting me!  It’s obvious to me that I’m developing and growing from my pain, I will never lose hope and continue to be my authentic self!  I’m going home now, so have a good night and thanks for reading.screenshot_2017-02-08-22-15-14-2



Just a girl who decided to take a chance on herself, to live life to its fullest and be happy, to meet good people who are willing to walk the path of life with me, to share thoughts and ideas! And work accidiouly to complete our Destin tasks.

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12 comments on “Steps To Being My Authentic Self
  1. Sheldon says:

    Well there is nothing wrong with being a introvert an extrovert. Just means at times you flourish alone but you can also mesh with a crowd. In life times calls for both.


  2. Lecia Lindsay says:

    When one have mastered the art of being alone and loving oneself, and knowing ones worth, then such a person will be a great friend, lover, mother, child of God.


  3. Shon Hyneman says:

    I’m an introvert myself. I love people but I like my alone time. Keep blogging, I would like to follow you on your journey. I’ll be sure to subscribe and comment on your blogs


  4. Alphonso says:

    Wow nice post . Will keep coming back to read your post .


  5. izaz114 says:

    People learn more about life when they are isolated. Loneliness brings the sleeping mind of ours to life and if one can invent the hidden self he/ she finds the answer to all misery..


  6. Erica Franklin-Jones says:

    I would love this to have been me!! Often when I’m out with company I secretly crave aloneness. Yet, I’ve never gone to a bar, a dinner or movie by myself. Keep blogging; you’re genuine and refreshing.


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