Koko lashes and Foil Eyeshadow

Should I be a frugal shopaholic when purchasing my Koko lashes? Ahhh no I don’t think so I love big lashes they enchance the natural beauty of my eyes and make me look so gorgeous!!!! And the fiber are made with human hair and highly synthetic fiber and also affordable.screenshot_2017-02-24-12-52-39-1-1-1

Tune into heavy metal with with this striking foil eye 28 color Eyeshadow palette, a collection of shocking, pigment-packed, multidimensional metallics.  The ultra-saturated mix of neutrals and jewel tones brights from icy ivory and super-charge charcoal to flashy fuchsia and electricity aquamarine – dares you to experiment and give your makeup a jolt. Go from the girl next door to the Rockstar you truly are.img-20170224-wa0013

Thank you for reading and hope you experience the joy of using these products like I do. Have an awesome weekend xoxo


Just a girl who decided to take a chance on herself, to live life to its fullest and be happy, to meet good people who are willing to walk the path of life with me, to share thoughts and ideas! And work accidiouly to complete our Destin tasks.

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