Garlic And Olive Oil For Hair Growth

My grandmother gave me this remedy when  lost my hair as a teen due to fungal hair infection, garlic maximize hair growth it contains essential nutrients and simulates blood flow and protect hair follicle it’s also prevents hair shedding and allows the hair to be full and thick.   screenshot_2017-02-02-15-59-57-1-1

Virgin olive oil is a natural conditioner it locks in moisture a prevents dryness of the sclap, Olive oil makes the hair soft, smooth and shiny.  And reduce damage done done by hair products you also get the benefit  vitamin E
screenshot_2017-02-02-16-02-12-1Direction 100ml pompelan virgin olive oil one stack of garlic clove, blend both ingredients together strain and pour info an air tight container  keep it refrigerated after one week discontinue, and make and fresh set.screenshot_2017-02-11-09-04-12-1
Part the hair and massage into the scalp wrapped hair in a towel or shower cap, for an hour or two, three times per  week that allows the mixture to penetrate the hair and scalp you are sure to get good results from this home remedies.



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3 comments on “Garlic And Olive Oil For Hair Growth
  1. Lecia Lindsay says:

    This is actually good information, I will try this remedy. This is just basic kitchen ingredients.

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  2. Deborah Salmon says:

    Will definitely try this


  3. tajana says:

    i’ll try this thanks, great hair growth remedy.


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